PART 2: My favorite bits from "What’s your favorite lesser known terminal utility/command?" 2020/5/2 edition

An amazing thing happened today. I posted a digest of replies from @tlakomy's tweet on favorite lesser known terminal utility/commands, and everyone poured in. I tried to collect as many as I could, and I thought I got most of them. Then more people piled on to the heap afterward. So here are my favorites.

WARNING: don’t run random commands from the internet in your terminal before making sure it does what you think it does. You can use the man command or to learn a little bit first before you endanger your system. There were were a few trolls who thought it would be cute to post running rm -rf IN ROOT. Don't do that. Be especially wary of anything that starts with sudo.

Anyway, here we go...again.

There's git and then there's tig

@ryan_c_harris offers up his experience with tig.

So you thought getting out of vim was hard try tmux

Seriously though I need to use tmux more. It makes other terminal tools look like a joke. Give it a shot. Just don't say I didn't warn you about exiting it. I'm pretty sure it's CTRL-j and then d. Thanks @vicentebosch!

toilet heh heh

You'd think having kids I'd be tired of potty talk. Well I'm not. Anyway, I had to install this utility suggested by @ali_bala, but I could see its use case.

- isn't just for cd

git checkout - is a thing too. Thanks to @Houndsto0th for this tip.

sudo !!

I really wish I could remember this one. I've been told this too many times, and I keep forgetting it. It reruns your last command, and you can prefix it with sudo for those times you forget to do that the first time. Kudos to @antoniwan and @AndyMardell for sharing.


Obligatory be careful with scripts from others, but I couldn't not share this one. This utility takes a guess at what you really meant. Thanks @Mikkel250, for killing my 1 post streak of being family friendly...

pbcopy and jelly in my belly

Can you tell I'm a dad by now? Anyway @maciejwalkowiak shares this gem. It's a slick way to get stuff into your clipboard. @sudip_post shares the linux equivalent.

The cow says moo

@BerzelBest shared this one. I'm not surprised this exists.

oh man

I'm surprised that this didn't show up sooner, and I should have pointed it out myself. Use man to learn about the commands. Good call out @DocBohn

make vim talk hex

Where were you @AndreJaenisch last week when I needed you. Instead I had to use Google to figure out how to edit hex values. At any rate, I'm pretty sure vim can do everything.

These aren't all of the tweets and there are more. If you're craving more take a stroll through the thread.

Anyway, if you read this far I'd appreciate a retweet or a follow. The goal is to share knowledge and level everyone up so that we can get some really cool stuff made, and who doesn't like cool stuff.

Until next time, stay safe and keep learning!