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Welcome to where I share what I've learned over the years. You'll find little tidbits of experience that I have come along through experience. If you find anything that could be improved please let me know.

Setting up a Postgres Database for Rails (but not necessarily)

This is geared toward debian linux users.

Connecting to Postgres and looking around.

  • Log into your postgres instance with sudo -u postgres psql
  • You should see the psql prompt
~/repos/chorelist$ sudo -u postgres psql
psql (14.6 (Ubuntu 14.6-0ubuntu0.22.04.1))
Type "help" for help.

  • \?: list of possible commands and short descriptions. This should be...

2023-02-06 Update

The last year or so has been bumpy. I changed jobs, twice. Went from Ruby on Rails back to Python. Emerged from a pandemic. Neglected my health a little and learned some things. This is still ongoing, nothing serious though. Saw coworkers get let go, some that even helped me...

"First" Post

If you're reading this it's because I was able to get everything working. I still have some things to fix up, but overall the app is working as expected. I should be able to add in some code examples at some point. To that end...


Factorybot: Creating in Bulk

Often I find that I need to create more than one record for my specs. A simple create(:some_factory, name: 'something1') repeated multiple times seems inefficient and wrong.

create_list: The Alternative

There is a way to create a set of records in one go, but the drawback is that the objects will...

Basic Testing with Feature Specs and Capybara

One of my goals was to create an RSpec feature spec for a functionality using StimulusReflex in my Rails app, but I wanted to test it out as a whole. That is, I click a button and the page updates appropriately. Unit tests can't do this, and I needed something...

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