About BruisedThumb.com

BruisedThumb.com is a place where I put my notes and thoughts. I write these for me so that I can look them up from anywhere at anytime. It's mostly technical stuff, but there might be other things here as well. If I've directed you here it's probably because you were trying to learn about something that I may have written about. I hope you find these posts useful.

About Dan

I'm a tinkerer who likes to solve problems. My superpower is that I approach tough problems from unusual angles. Sometimes that helps and sometimes it hurts, but that perspective has been helpful, and in a team setting it can be something that unblocks issues for folks.

I'm a dad with 2 wonderful kids who keep me and my awesome wife on our toes. I'm involved with my kids' Cub Scout Pack, and I enjoy a good camping trip or hike with our dog Sunny.

Anyway, feel free to reach out to me. The best way is wpu.clark@gmail.com.

Have a great day!